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New VitaLink Turbo

New VitaLink Turbo

Step it up a gear and go Turbo!

VitaLink Turbo is the newest product to be added to the VitaLink range. This is available in sizes 250ml  and 1L and is in stock now! It is also soon to be available in the larger 5L size. 

VitaLink Turbo contains L-amino acids and brassinosteroids. L-amino acids are left handed amino acids and are the building blocks for protein in plants – as you may know protein plays a vital part during growth. Brassinosteroids are signalling compounds which instruct the plant on where to focus its energy, they are the main ingredient that contributes to the rapid increase of size and weight. 

Check the VitaLink website for further information or contact our Vitalink rep Richie richie.m@hydrogarden.co.uk - 07539 191365


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