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HydroGarden believes that vertical farming is the future and that the VydroFarm can go some way in helping to alleviate the food demand that will inevitably face us. It will allow countries that have undesirable growing conditions to produce their own food source and provide fresh vegetables locally all year round. It can be installed in very remote locations, for example near or within the Arctic Circle, where otherwise everything would have to be trucked or flown in and where fresh produce is very hard to keep.

Indoor farming could also help to utilise redundant buildings and warehousing in cities bringing high value production closer to consumers. As well as reducing food miles, the systems use 90% less water than conventional systems, use no pesticides and achieve much higher rates of growth, meaning the overall environmental footprint is very low. 

VydroFarm is a fully controllable, vertical farming concept which is completely bespoke to your needs. Whether you have a rooftop in Canada, a warehouse in Hong Kong or even a station in space, a VydroFarm can be developed to work for you! 

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